10 Things You Should Never Do Before Examinations

Things You Should Never Do Before Examinations

Examinations are parts of students lives. Whether you are a brilliant or average student, it is compulsory for you to write exams to complete your academic programs.

And when it comes to preparing for exams, every student has their study method. While some prefer to study in a cool and quiet place, others won’t understand what they are reading if the environment isn’t noisy.

Regardless of your study method, there are things you shouldn’t do while preparing for exams. Check out the 10 things you shouldn’t do.

1. Don’t depend on friends

10 things you should never do before examinations
 (Don’t depend on friends while preparing for exams, you may be left disappointed.)

While preparing for exams, you may be tempted to study some topics and leave the ones you deem difficult with the hope that you’ll sit with your friends in the exam hall.

If you have a  mindset like this towards exams, you’re setting up yourself up for failure. You don’t have to depend on anybody for exams. Read everything you can read for the exam and never rely on a friend for help during exams.

2. Don’t use social media

If you are addicted to social media, you may have to ignore the social media apps on your phone few weeks to exams.

Using social media while preparing for exams will not only distract you, it can also take you away from your studies.

3. Don’t try a new book at the last minutes

10 things you should never do before examinations


Do you like to read different textbooks about a topic while preparing for exams? Fantastic! But if you adding a new book or material to the list, don’t delay it till last minutes.

The reason is this, getting a new material to read for a paper you are having in the next few hours might destabilize you if you don’t assimilate it on time.

4. Don’t procrastinate

Procrastination is a serious problem for many students. While you are busy postponing your study time, the exam draws nearer and before you get ready to begin a full preparation for the exam, the exam timetable is already out. At the end of the day, you have a shoddy preparation and went into the exam hall with your heart in your mouth. That’s what postponing your study time does to students.

5. Don’t be disturbed by anybody’s study method

10 things you should never do before examinations

Don’t ask anybody how much they have studied or how many books they have read. You may feel disappointed in yourself if you find out they have read more than you have. Follow your timetable and study at your own pace.

6. Do not change your timetable at the last minutes

The exam is around the corner and you want to change your timetable now because someone is using a different study method. No, that’s not going to work. It may affect your schedule and your preparation pace.

7. Don’t eat anyhow

10 things you should never do before examinationsEat well and enjoy your favourite meals and drinks even when you are preparing for exams.

Yea, examinations shouldn’t be an excuse for you not to eat healthy. See, eat well and enjoy your favourite meals and drinks

8. Don’t deny yourself a good sleep

Many students believe studying at night make them assimilate better. It is fine if that works for you. But hey, if you delay your study time till few days to examinations and deny your self some good rest, it might affect your health. You know your brain needs to rest too.

9. Don’t compare your preparations with your friends

Avoid this if you don’t want to run unnecessarily. Your room or course mate might have the capacity to read three handouts in three hours and understand everything in them. If you can only study the same materials for four or five hours, please don’t compete. The end result is for both of you to understand the content of the handouts.

10. Don’t ever consider cheating

10 things you should never do before examinationsplayThis is how some students cheat during exams.

 (Trumpet Media)

Finally, don’t consider cheating as part of your preparations for examinations. If there’s anything you don’t understand, ask friends to explain it to you, you might get the gist better that way. But if you write or inscribe anything on your thighs, you might get suspended or expelled for cheating. What then is the essence of your the time, energy and money you’ve wasted for years?

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