The contribution of the Business Establishment to the economic development of any nation cannot be over emphasized. Computer have also contributed greatly to ease the functions performed by this industries to meet its economic obligations to the nation. The computer as a very necessary tool has not been adopted by all business establishments. So many establishments on the other hand, have able seen it as a means of improving business transactions and keeping necessary data on customers and other services. Organizations which have not actually adopted computers, will see that its positive effects surpasses its negative effects if they should look into it. This study therefore is going to show the actual contributions of computers to the business establishments and the problems faced by the establishments, that has not gone into computerization. In trying to state the problem related to computer the researcher used both secondary and primary data. The main purpose of this study was to determine the functions of computerization in office function in some establishment in Aguata L.G.A Anambra State. The population of the study consisted 94 people from 5 selected organizations Aguata Local Government Area. The sample for the study was 50 people out of 94, which we drawn using simple random sampling. Four research questions were formulated which guided the study. A 14 items structured questionnaire was developed. Mean were use to answer the research questions. The major finding of the study were (1) any staff can loss his job if you are not computer literate. (2) Computerization can reduce the cost of service in organization. (3) When there is light it can safe time. (4) When the is qualify staff it can bring customer satisfaction. (5) To provide adequate machine can also make job sweet.

One of the major objectives of most business firms, individuals and government agencies in installation of computer is to assist them in data processing, counting, information storage and to eliminate manual interference between data, input, information and output. In the past, counting and other simple arithmetical operations were performed by the use of parts of the human body such as the fingers and toes. Also used were objects like stones, sticks and drawing lines and works on the surfaces.
However, when the volume of data to be processed increased and also to need for faster processing and more accurate results become imperative, then aids or tools to be used for computing because necessary, hence the need for mechanically processing equipment, otherwise known as computers.
The earliest mechanical and to calculation used in China and other parts of the world e.g ABACUS or BEAD FRAME was crude, time – consuming and to worsen the situation. It was only used to perform arithmetical operations. To overcome the limitations of ABACUS, it was still necessary to carryout research on the improvement of the equipment and to invent a more sophisticated one that will not only solve the problem of country, but also produce an accurate results in data processing, business and management information for decision making that will be utilized in all sectors of any economy. With above in mind, computer came into being
The emergence of computer and also its application to various sectors of the economy may not come without problems. Actually the usefulness of computerization cannot be over emphasized especially to execute office functions. At nonetheless there are some problems to be encountered by firms, and government agencies that may wish to computerize their office function.

It has been know and recognized hat some of the problems of computerization of office functions range from lack of qualified staff to manage the computers and inadequate electricity to the displacement of manual work, this creating unemployment, embezzlement of public fund and computer robbing.
Decisions affecting computerization of office functions are I theoretical by an obvious fact and subjective judgment of most firms, individuals and government agencies.
The chief executive of a firm or government may have some of needs that may require the installation of computer system in such organization but such need may only be part or an aspect of the entire need of the firm of organization. On the other hand there may be other benefits the firm’s may be exposed to if it falls to computerize the office functions.
On this note, therefore the problems are to identify the difficulties many firms, individuals and government agencies find themselves for having computerized their office functions. I t equally expected that this study will go long way to establish or identify the relationship between computerization of office functions and the functions and the overall performance of the organization with respect to efficiency productivity and employment of both human and material resources.

This study attempts to investigation to the following points
1 To enhance the extent to which computerization reduced the cost of business services.
2 To know the extent had computerization had led to efficient information storage.
3. To know how computerization of office function can reduce the time wastage for customers.
4. Has computerization help in office function.
5. Also to know how workers use to consider computerization services.

How does the development of computer reduce the cost o f office services?
2.To what extent has computerization led to loss of job and Dehumanization in your organization?
do you believe that of office functions reduce the timw wastage for customer’s satisfactions
4. How workers use to consider computerization services in the organization?

Computerization is very important for the development of our business organizations.
The study of the effects if computerization of office function in selected organization in Aguata L.G.A is importance in the following ways:
1. The study would help to discover the factors militating against computerization of office function.
2. It would also enable the researcher suggest appropriate way of improving computerization of organizations in Selected business Organization in Aguata Local Government Area.
3. It would as well acquaint the managers of business organizations with the knowledge of the sources of problems these figure head in business organization will able to design measure which will ensure greater efficiency in the execution of their duties so that maximum results are realizes at the end.



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