Accessing the implication of Hazard facing journalist practice in Nigeria

Accessing the implication of Hazard facing journalist practice in Nigeria.


Media hazards is one of the major issues in journalism but attracted less attention in the last few decades especially now that democracy is waxing stronger in Nigeria making it appears as if there were no hazard any more. The focus of this research is to examine the hazards (i.e. problems) facing journalism practice in Nigeria particularly in among journalists in Abuja. Media practitioners and media owners face different challenges at one time or the other in the cause of carrying out their official duties and few of such is killing, kidnapping, threaten, accident, embarrassment, humiliation among others. Survey research method was used, of which 200 copies of questionnaires were administered to respondents who were purposively selected among journalists in NUJ chapel in Abuja. Findings shown that killing, threaten and kidnapping are the major hazards to journalism practices in Nigeria in general. It is therefore recommended that further studies on this research, should be extended to the problems and prospects of journalism and the role of broadcast media in preventing media hazards while regular training be organized for the member of the fourth estate of the realm in Nigeria


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