Many people think of accounting as a highly technical field, which can be understood only by professional accountants. Actually, nearly every pone practices accounting in one form or another on an almost daily basis. In Quote, American Accounting Association (1999: p5) Define Accounting is the art of system of measuring the results of business activities, communicating and interpreting financial activities. Whether one is preparing a household budget, balancing one’s check book, preparing one’s income tax return or running general motors one is working with accounting concepts and accounting information. Another definition by Vickery, B.G. (1973: P15) principle s and practice of Book-keeping and Accounts. Accounting has often been called the language of business, as well as a language of communication in an organization, it is logical that a language should change to meet to changing needs of society. In accounting, the changes and improvements are continually being made. We live in an era of accountability. Although accounting has made it’s most dramatic progress in the field of business, the accounting function is vital to every unit of out society. An individual must account for his or her income, and must file income tax returns. Often an individual must supply personal accounting information in order to buy a car or home. To qualify for a college scholarship, to secure a credit card, o to obtain a bank loan. Large corporations are accountable to their stockholders, to governmental agencies and to the public. The federal government, the states, the cities, the school district, all must use accounting as a basis for controlling their resources and measuring their accomplishments.

Accounting is equally essential to the successful operation of a business, a university, a fraternity, a social program, or city. In every electric the voters must make decision at the ballot box on issues involving accounting concepts; therefore, some knowledge of accounting is needed by all citizens if they are to act intelligent in meeting the challenges of our society. The knowledge of accounting and the ability to use accounting information aid in making economic and political decision. At this point, I will like to introduce the history of business hotels limited. Benue hotels was built as a result of the completion of the Makurdi rail way/road Bridge opened on the twenty fourth (24th) May, 1932. It came into existence is the early seventy and was then known as a great house. This guesthouse then used by top government officials, colonial masters during state tours and officials visits. The bridge brought in a lot of visitors into Makurdi town, as the town was the first to have had such a long and attractive bridge. This also gave rise to accommodation demand in Benue State, hence the springing up of other hotels like the Makurdi Plaza Hotel, Bem Hotel, and also the government started the uncompleted 300-bed room international hotel (Sheraton Hotel). The Makurdi guesthouse than turned to its present name Benue Hotels limited. 1986 when Nigeria is was divided up into nineteen states. The Benue State Government owns 75% shares in Benue Hotels limited while the Nigerian hotels owns 24 shares. The Benue hotels limited is managed by the Nigerian Hotels; with their head quarters situated in Lagos.


Accounting to Osuala (1982: 26) Problem definition is the most important part of a research and a statement of a problem verves elaborate upon the information implied in the title of the research. One of the greatest challenges facing the Hotels industry today, is the increasing incidence of lack of proper accountability. It has in recent constituting serious problems to hotels in Nigeria, this lack of proper accountability have led to the failure and subsequently closure of a great number of hotels in Nigeria. With the frequent cause of lack of proper accountability in the hotel industry today, one would began to ask questions. Thus the questions, which prompted the researcher’s inquisitive mind to carry out this study, are as follows: i. What are the contributions of accounting department to the development of the hotel? ii. What are the procedures that are followed in carrying out accounting functions in hotels? iii. What role does accounting department play as part of internal control? iv. What are the problems facing accounting department v. Is accounting department effective?

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