In the ancient days, human activities were relatively easy. The difficulties posed by nature then, were considerably simple and demanded solution of relative simplicity. The compounded problems of man and his way to solve them necessitated the inventors of machine i.e. computer. Since the invention of the first machine, the world has experienced a tremendous degree of advancement in technology and one for the machine invented for solving complicated problems in the computer. With increasing frequency, it is recognized that an understanding of the computer how it influence accounting operations and it is benefits to every accounting student and intend to work this world of advancing technology cannot be over emphasized. Due to the recent intends in accounting operations and the complexity of these operations with the number of task to be performed constantly on the increase, to day’s accountants are le with no option other than to always device ways by which these increasing tasks could be processed, more speedily and accurately so that there will be no loss of information. With the advent of computer many organizations have computerized their accounting system. An example for such organization with computerized accounting system is First Bank of Nigeria Plc.


The computer is known for its speed and accuracy in processing information, such speed and accuracy have been achieved manually or by any other device. It is expected that a computerized baking system will facilitate the speed and accuracy of processing transaction of financial nature and also reduces customer wasting time. This has been achieved by virtue of technology, other countries where customers service and general financial management have been computerized whether it can be established is yet to be confirmed. The fact of the matter which the researcher intends to study is: Of what relevance is computerization accounting system. Has there been a tremendous change in financial management and the entire system, since the establishment of computerization accounting system. Though benefits are abound, could there be limitation of computerization an organization accounting system? What could be done to change the present situation. Whether the computerization has improved the level of fraud and other misappropriation of fund in the organization.


The need to minimized fraud and improve service to customers is one of the primary important today, due to the increasing number of new generation banks therefore, the main objectives of this study is to asses: The effectiveness of financial control in a computerized environment Whether computerization has minimized the level of fraud and error in banking sectors. Whether computerization has improved the profitability performance of the organization. Whether it has increase speed in attending to customers needs and finally, effort will be made to recommend feasible banking organization.


In spite of numerous decrees, enactment and there have been increase in the number of reported case of all kinds of misappropriation of customers funds and properties in the public sectors. And this study will bring enlightenment and be of great benefit to the entire country at large, and the significance is as follows: The computer will be serve as an eye opener for organizations both private and public sectors, who have the intention of computerizing its accounting system, but yet to know the benefits attached to it. Through this study, useful suggestion will be given out to the management on how to improve in their financial report. Performance of financial management and accountability with the view of improving it in future will be assessed that can be of benefit to the government and will serve as springboard for future used.


Thy hypothesis serve as the theoretical concepts on how the research result would appear, therefore, they are guide to the researcher in planning the course of inquiry in choosing the kind of data and examine the result of study simply put, and the hypothesis states the researcher’s expectation concerning the relationship between variables in the problem. Null Hypothesis Denoted by: Ho: Computerization has improved financial control management. Alternative Hypothesis Donated by Hi: Computerization has not made any impact in financial control management.

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