The study is on the Causes and erects of abandoned residential properties. The major objective of this research is identifying the causes of abandonment of residential properties in Benin City. Others are: To examine the erects of abandonment of residential properties in Benin City, To identify the solutions to issues of abandoned residential properties in Benin City.
Methodology: The major instrument used for this study is the questionnaire.The surveys research method was used for this study. Out of the entire populace
of Benin Edo State, 50 personswere selected using the simple random sampling (srs) technique. In analyzing the data collected for the purpose of carrying
out this research, the statistical tool known as the chi- square testwas used. The use of sample percentage was also employed. Tables were used in presenting
the data for the purpose of the simplicity and clarity.
Findings from this research revealed that: There are abandoned residential properties in Benin City.Abandoned buildings are breeding places for social
vices.Poor government funding and implementation is a major residential building in Benin City.The results of this study will educate the general public on the causes and erect
of abandonment of residential building in Nigeria with a view of reducing the issues of building abandonment in Nigeria.

The unceasing abandonment of residential buildings and development projects is so shocking in the developing countries such that Nigerian has remained
one of the countries in such diiculty
(Ayodele and Alabi, 2011; Kotangora, 1993; Osemenan, 1987). Therefore, the significance that the incessant
abandonment of residential buildings and projects would bring several eects
on real properties and its values and the economy cannot be overemphasized
since some of the abandoned buildings and development projects provide the basic services that should enhance the real properties developed.
Abandoned residential building is a building whose occupant has moved out basically due to poor maintenance and infrastructure, security, dilapidation,
natural disaster which has made the building not to be habitable. The abandonment of residential properties and development projects is the act of isolating
the buildingor discontinuingany activities or maintenance works on such development project within a time frame of the contract agreement and with no
intention of returning back to the development (Spelman, 1993). Similarly, O’Flaherty (1993) while reflecting on property development projects suggest that
it is when an owner or developer is ceasing to provide the required maintenance management to a developed property.
However, real property development and maintenance being a capital intensive undertaking should be critically analyzed to ascertain its feasibility and
viability before embarking on it. But, on several occasions and as it had been observed, governments, contractors and agencies have abandoned old
buildings and development projects mid-way into construction and completion.
The causes and elects of these residential building abandonments are not just peculiar to a particular reason rather cut across several reasons (Ayodele and Alabi, 2011), and as well as creating a total dwindling elects on the values of developed properties located close and within the vicinity. Most of this abandoned residential building usually turned into hideout for criminals.
Although, the location of the abandoned property and demand is equally important but accessibility and the availabilities of the infrastructures in the real
property location and in the surrounding built environment should be of much more significant determinants in this study context. Values in itself are not
intrinsic (Schram, 2012) rather depends on the benefits derivable from that property

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