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Development studies dissertation topic ideas helpIn a number of universities, development studies have been offered as a specialized master’s degree course, whose popularity has immensely grown as a subject since the early years of 90’s. What makes development studies even more interesting is that it is an interdisciplinary branch of social science, which mainly addresses preparation and execution of social, political and economic change among the people of the 3rd and 4th worlds. Thus, when intending to do research in this area, you need to have a grasp of the ways of identifying the best development studies research topic ideas.


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This study is basically on the failures of other strategies at the National, State and Local Government level to ensure sustainable development using community development as a strategy. Most of the projects and programmes set by government for development are not sustainable because the beneficiaries are not actively involved (participation). The objectives of the study include: to determine the relevance of Community development projects and their effects on Sustainable development; and the effect of community participation on Sustainable development in Nigeria. The propositions for the research work are: community development projects and programmes are not of great relevance to sustainable development ; and community participation on projects and programmes to a greater extent do not lead to sustainable development in Chikun Local Government. The study uses the survey research method which include the use of instruments of interviews, questionnaire administration and using checklist of issues for observation as primary sources, while the secondary sources comprises files, reports, minute books, budgets etc. on activities, decisions, financial reports, pictures of community development projects and programmes of the Local Government and Community Development Associations. Data collected were presented and analyzedusing tables and simple percentages. The study found that most government plans and implementation of Community development projects and programmes did not properly involve the beneficiaries, from its initial stage to completion. We also found that there is problem of misplacement of priority by the government, as to the pressing need of the people at a time is not what the government is providing them with. The Local Government projects and programmes are not sustained or maintained because the supposed beneficiaries do not see it as their own since they lack any sense of ownership during initiation and even implementation of the projects and programmes. To this end, this study  recommend that people`s participation philosophy of mobilizing resources and organizing the community people both the rural populace to the urban centers to have cogent interests in providing for their wellbeing, need to be properly emphasized and utilized. This will stimulate the feeling of ownership of such development projects/programmes by benefiting communities and by implication promote sustainable development. Government at various strata including the federal, state and most especially local governments, have to come to terms with the fact that there is an inherent importance in “the participatory development theory” which advocates community populace active participation in decision-making and implementation of policies that affect and mould their lives. This will ensure that projects/programmes of government are exactly the felt needs of benefiting communities




Rural development which is a component within the broader national development has remained a problem for both developed and developing countries. In order to achieve the desired rural development in the developing countries, there are proliferations of rural development strategies over the years, Nigeria inclusive. The objective of the study was to examine the effect of socio-economic infrastructure on rural development in Katsina State, Nigeria. The study chose three local governments as the geographical scope, while schools, electricity, market road healthcare infrastructures were the subject scope. The research population was 510,683, out of which 550 were taken as the sample size of the study using Saunders (2007) sampling method. A total of 520 questionnaires were returned both from the rural populace and staff respondents, and data was collected mainly through primary sources, while qualitative and quantitative methods of data analysis were employed. Regression analysis and correlation were used in testing the hypotheses postulated to establish the relationships between socio-economic infrastructure and rural development. Findings of the study indicated that, there is positive and significant relationship between provision of socio-economic infrastructure and rural development as all the five null hypotheses were rejected. The study recommends that, government should provide more socio-economic infrastructure in order to develop the rural areas.






High rate of unemployment is a bedeviling issue that seem to be taking the frontline in every public discuss on socioeconomic problems in Ekiti State; The reported unabated upsurge of unemployment in Ekiti State despite the measures put in place in the various aspects of agriculture through the Youth Commercial Agricultural Development (YCAD) programme to stop the trend is mind boggling and contrary to expectation. This necessitated the study entitled “assessment of the impact of Youth Commercial Agricultural Development programme on unemplotment reduction in Ekiti state (2011-2015)” which was anchored on three objectives which include to ascertain the extent to which the YCAD empowerment(training) programme has reduced unemployment in Ekiti state, examine ways through which public private partnership on the agricultural programme has helped to reduce unemployment and the extent to which the provision of agricultural incentives has attracted the unemployed people to agricultural businesses. The design of the study is basically survey method but complimented with statistical documents. To this end, the instruments used for the collection of primary data include questionaire and interview while relevant documents that contain secondary data such as beneficiaries record books were used to support it. The primary data were presented in tables of frequencies and percentages while the Pearson product moment correlation was used to test the hypotheses. Among other things, the study revealed that beyond the recorded beneficiaries the programme had an indirect impact on non-beneficiaries who did not participate in the empowerment programme. However, only the recorded beneficiaries or participants had access to agricultural incentives made available at the period due to poor funding of the agricultural sector during the implementation of the YCAD programme which was as low as 2.4% in 2013 and this limited the effect of the programme on unemployment reduction in the aspect of attracting the unemployed to agricultural businesses. In addition, some of the private partner


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Development studies research topic ideasAs a student that is pursuing a course in a master’s level, doing an assignment such as a dissertation is inevitable. This is one of the most fundamental assignments that a student will be required to do. However, the most important thing to first consider is choosing the most recent development studies dissertation topic ideas. Making the right choice of a topic for your dissertation isn’t an easy task, however, keep in mind that it is extremely important to create a current and relevant topic. When you make the right choice, the topic you use will not only be relevant but also make it easy for you to write a quality and good dissertation. It will also be very pleasant and less challenging task for you all through the process. Let Research Topic Help show you how you can get the best ideas for your development studies dissertation paper topic.

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  • Check the requirements of your study in regards to the dissertation
  • Make a decision of what kind of a research you want to conduct
  • Have a specific research global discipline
  • Make use of the research global discipline to locate current articles and papers
  • Create a list of top ideas for a development studies dissertation topic.
  • It’s necessary to have an opinion from other people regarding the topics
  • Select one of the best topics that you feel more confident about
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