This study is focused on the “effect of population growth on land resources development”. A case study in Aba urban of Abia state. It is a comprehensive research on the course of population growth problems, and benefits of the growth on land development. There is no doubt that at present, there is link between development and population growth. However, the fact that the two opinion are related to each other in many cases, it is the main negative relationship between population and growth and the level of land development as said in the study is that programmes for controlling the rate of population growth should be encouraged. Therefore, it is common practices among countries to have a population census every ten years to know the number of people in that country such as males, females, age and occupational groups. The main point of this write-up is emphasizes on the physical components of environment because population growth has effected buildings, roads, landuse and development which makes up the urban areas.



The common problem facing most state in Nigeria today is how to improve the standard of living of the vast majority of their people.

Consequently, most state like Abia is involved in a variety of programmes designed to speed up the process of socio-economic and physical development. Development planners in different parts of Abia have realized in relent time that understanding of the population in the development process of Abia is important.

This is due to the fact that population has big impact on the economic, social and physical development of Abia state. It is therefore, certain that the population factor can do much to either promote or frustrate a state’s uppermost development objective.

This study on population impact on land development at this time the state population increased with inadequate economic and physical growth of the state that needs a study to fight against its contents future occurrence. Information has been shown that this state population has reached the four million and if measure are not taken quickly, the situation could lead to HUNGER, POVERTY, DISEASE, OVERCROWDING and can no longer be allowed in both the developed and undeveloped state. All these consequence of increasing in number of people will have a general effect on land development, the identified effects like overcrowding and poverty is what the study will aim at finding solution to its improvements.


1. To find out the effect of population growth on land development in Aba.

2. To identity the problems associated with the effect and ways of solving them in other to better the life of the growing population.

3. To find ways of minimizing the population growth in Aba.

4. In other to achieve the already state objective, the main facts and figures used in this study were gathered through personal efforts and various approaches were also adopted. This includes:

1 Field survey: In other to get some of the information already

stated, field survey method was adopted which covered areas like Obioma Ngwa, Osisioma Ngwa, Isiala Ngwa, Isiala Ngwa South, Aba South and Aba North.

2. Information population census residence at Aba.

3. Personal interviews were held with individual and government parastatals.

4. Sources from Aba Local Government Authority.

5. Reference to journal, Newspaper and books for relevant.

6. Survey were conduced in several areas within the Estate Surveyors and valuers forms in Aba metropolis which help to compile and analysed to five the result presented in this study.

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