The main objective of writing this project “on the evaluation of financial abuse in the federal inland revenue service” is to bring to the notice of the readers the source from which government derived its revenue and how its expenditure controlled and also to identify the evaluation of financial abuse in the federal inland revenue service and some control measure which the government can adopt in order to present the financial abuse in federal inland revenue service. The appropriate government organ institution on largely responsible for the collection of tax is the federal inland revenue service while the office responsible for the accountability of the money collected on behalf of the government is the revenue mobilization and fiscal commission operated as a department in the federal ministry of finance. As part of the re-organization the federal government of Nigeria found it necessary to create revenue division from federal ministry of finance. This made it an autonomous body known as Federal Inland Revenue service, the board become more effective in collection of revenue for the federal government.

Financial abuse in the public sector is an attempt by which the government allows the financial mismanagement, embezzlement and wastes in it’s sector and to identify the various key area that course all abuse in the public sector and also examine the method to used. All abuses therefore this research would go deeply into the plan in the organization in the financial aspects, check the accuracy and reliability of the accounting clate promote operational efficiency .and encourage adherence to prescribed official ‘polices and guideline. In consideration of this topic, therefore is that there must be some element in which every organization must adopts the ones that are necessary for the controlling some financial transactions in that organization custody and security of Assets.

The background of the study is to identify the various source of revenue for federal in land revenue service are as ‘follows, VAT, Personnel Income Tax, Custom Duties Company Income Tax, Education Taxe Capital Gain Tax, Import Duties and Export Duties Petroleum Profit Tax, etc are allocated to the various department project and to examine the financial record of federal inland revenue service to know whether there is adequate system of internal control in the organization. The evaluation of financial abuse in the federal Inland Revenue service encountered some likely peculiar issue has regarding to financial record accuracy of the tax administration in Nigeria have received a lot of attention and commentance, some people have advocated for an over haul of over system. That we should do things that are peculiars to Nigeria environment and these that are not should be left out. The board is faced with a lot of problems which include:


The personnel department play an important role in the system of revenue collection in the state, this shortage of staffs is capable of impairing the objective time of maximizing personnel income tax revenue by 1996. The senior officials in the federal inland revenue services of intend revenue was 286 but present were 354, the reduction percent was at minimum of 50%.


Assessment problem centres among the location of the personnel income tax and the determination of his assessable income, effectiveness within the content of personnel income tax administration may be measured in terms of the ratio of actual to potential coverage.


The tax payer default in paying the exactly amount by bribe of the tax collector in order to reduce the actual amount collected as a taxes.


In the processing of collection of the revenue tax, officials must especially the tax collector print their receipt booklet and issued to the tax payer without their knowledge and mea ‘while that the duplicate carries is not what the original was reading, they may use carbon paper to the duplicate, at time the revenue collector would received the money from the tax payer with out even issue of receipt to them.


The persistent rises in general price of goods and services the purchasing power of salary continue to dwindle thud your salary could not buy you even enough food for the month, therefore with this problem the employees of public sector means of through variety of ways in order to make and meet most of these ways are either fraudulent or illegal in nature.

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