financial planning and control have become the major part and parcel of our daily lives, although we may not like it in most case yet we have come to realize that it is an integral factor in the national and business building. Therefore this research work, “financial planning and control: A key to management efficiency” aims at finding how our financial planning and control has helped management of small and large scale organization like Enugu State Agricultural Development Programme (ENADEP)to achieve their set objectives, target efficiency and increase product. How ever, for easy comprehension of this research work, the research activities had been arranged in chapter system: And for proper understanding of ideas, each chapter further has sub-headings as well as sub-sections.



1.9 Background of the Study:

In fact, this word is so dynamic in nature and only thing that is permanent on earth is change. Therefore, people have to put in an adequate financial planning and control in other to withstand the challenges of the future. A business cannot be statistic. It has already been noted that business has to be changing which requires an adequate balance and cash flow for it to go forward or backward but not to be stagnate. Thus, for the business to expand, there must be adequate financial resources.

More so, no business can grow unless proper accounting, marketing, personal, financial and so on are fully staffed with good spirited individuals. The efficiency and effectiveness of any organization be it small, medium or large scale enterprise, depends on their finance, planning, control, and management financial planning and control therefore, enables a firm to monitor its financial environment including attitudes of investors so that it can optimize the benefit of planning from the environment. Systematic and adequate planning will therefore ensure the availability of the amount desired of the business time.

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