• Background of the Study 1
  • Statement of the Problem 7
  • Purpose of the Study 9
  • Significance of the Study 10
  • Research Question 11
  • Scope of the Study 12
  • Definition of Terms 12



Introduction                                                             14

Evaluation of Training                                             15

Performance Appraisal as a Goal Conscious            21

Benefits of Performance Evaluation                                 23

Problems of Performance Evaluation                               25

Solutions to the Problems of Performance

Evaluation                                                               26

Summary of Literature Review                                         30




3.1   Design of the Study                                         34

3.2   Area of the Study                                             34

3.3   Population of the Study                                   36

3.4   Sample and Sampling Technique                    37

3.5   Instrument for Data Collection                                38

3.6   Reliability and Validation of the Instrument            39

3.7   Distribution and Retrieval of Instrument         39

3.8   Method of Data Analysis                                  40



Findings                                                                  46



5.1   Summary of Findings                                              48

5.2   Conclusion                                                      52

5.3   Recommendations                                           53

5.4   Limitation of Study                                          53

5.5   Suggestion for Further Research                      55

References                                                       56

Appendix                                                                 57

Questionnaire                                                  58


Main purpose of this study is to examine how employee’s performance can be appraised. The population size of the study based was three hundred and eighty five (385). The sample size use in collecting the data was sample random sampling a total of one hundred and eighty five (385) persons were chosen as the researcher sample size. The researcher also used questionnaire method as the instrument for data collection. The research also employed design was considered appropriate for the study; it also provided three (3) research questions. The researcher also uses simple percentage method in data analysis. This is because of its simplicity finally the researcher’s findings sates that for performance evaluation to serve as a tool for control in any company, there should be effective planning system. The researcher concluded that any organization with the aim of productivity in order to make profits should be prepared to satisfy the employees. This can be done by providing the means through the needs and wants can be met. The researcher further recommends that to inform and not to deform the Nigeria mineral water Limca activities should follow effective management approach to events and make sure that all his plans regarding to performance evaluation is well structured in order to ensure proper management.        




It is a very clear fact by both definition and common understanding that every organization is formed for an objective. Through two objectives may be profit or non profit commonly for any organization to succeed, the efforts of its employees must be directed towards the realization of their individual set objectives. The efforts of each of the employees or group of employees in each organization may be directly or not and normally varies in degrees and relevance to the corporate objective, but should not for any reason be rejected in the interest of the corporate objectives. Out performance by any employee or group of employees in a department will surely result to underachievement of the co-operate organizational goals.

In recognition of the importance of one employee to the corporate existence and goal attainment, the need to have a set goal or standard at each level of the organizational structures becomes imperative. This arrangement will make it possible and help in checking and appraising of the employee by various superiors in the organization. This objective standard will be proportionate and appropriate to the level and position of the employees in the organizational structures as the expectations of each employee depends on his position and level in the organizational hierarchy.

It was in recognition of this Fredrick will show Taylor, the father of scientific management in his article in the journal transaction urged for the establishment of performance standard. This was with this aim to determining the employee’s productivity as their performance evaluation could be measured if standards are set. He added that he could perform up to the established standard will be rewarded. He that performs above the standard will be entitled to bonus. On the other hand, employees that failed to perform up to subjecting him to training to improve. But where this effort to improve this fail the next line of action will be punish the employee either by demoting or firing him. These were with the intention that the employees might be motivated to high performance and discouraged from under achieving.

As was urged by Taylor (1968) in his article in “transaction” to reward the worker who performed up to the set standard; to give bonus to those who are above the standards and demote or fire the employees who performed below the standard and failed to improve after training. The question that calls to mind is how do you know the employees who performed above or up to or below the set standard. It is aimed that at objectively deciding which employee deserves which treatment from management praise or course.

By definition, performance evaluation could be the analysis and appraisal of individual workers performance and productivity based on the objective set.

Sluck (1970) in his own, defined performance evaluation as a personnel activity by means of which the enterprise determines the extent of which the employees is performing the job effectively.

Evaluation system are systems that have ultimate connections within all forms of organization set up that aim at determining the employees effectiveness and reward fairly made accordingly. Failure to administer regards in consistence with the performance will undoubtedly bring some sets back in an organizational productivity this is the case when the most efficient employee is not reward accordingly. Many evaluation methods have been critical as not suitable designed to yield the position result that could be a fair guide to compensating the efficient employees.

Effective implementation is another problem that is associated with performance evaluation. A good evaluation system or institution has to be effectively implemented or executed to yielding a reliable result. A person desirous of good plant the good species, he also aims the duties of tending, feeling watching the plant grow to give the expected good yield/performance evaluation is live is that, when a good and suitable system is installed in an organization to give a fair and reliable result it has to be strictly and objectively implemented by the appraisers.

In carrying out the exercise the lowest level employees are evaluated by their immediate supervisor. Their performance against each set objective should be assessed and perhaps graded setting an objective is therefore an element in carrying out the evaluation exercise. Regarded less of what method adopted, the primary objectives are the same. It aims at developing the employees so that the best could be obtained from them for the benefit of the entire organization.

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