The project work is aimed at critically examining “The roles of police public relations as a mechanism for improving police community relation in Dunukofia local Government Area”. It attempts at critically evaluating the roles the police plays to improve their relationship with the publics at large. It equally aims at ascertaining the mutual relationship between police and the people of Dunukofia Local government Area. Moreover, survey method is used in the design of the study while the primary source of data collection is the self administered questionnaire. Thus, the source of this study was taken from the target population, which consist of six towns existing in Dunukofia Local Government Area which includes Ukpo, Nawgu, Ifitedunu, Umunachi, Ukwulu, Umudioka both male and female. Systematic Random sampling technique was employed and a total of 180 respondents were administered. The responses were tabled in a frequency and later converted into sampling percentage as the method of data analysis. Hence, the findings showed that police plays an important role in trying to create a good community police relation with the people. It equally adopted the social responsibility theory which focuses on maintaining a two-way communication in order to continuously ensure understanding or resolve conflicts of interests between individuals, institutions, organizations and their publics, the police makes sure there is safety in the society and equally makes sure laws and orders are being maintained and obeyed so well in the society. It is then recommended that the police force of Dunukofia Local government Area must address itself to issues and problems the community considers as crucial and should pay serious attention the community’s yearnings and should equally, at every stage inform the community of the relation behind such benevolence and the community on the other hand, should reciprocate, using appreciative words towards the police kind gestures. The researcher hoped the suggestion of conducting a further study on the topic could be done if possible.




It is most often agreed and rightly that community relations is an indispensable tool of every worthwhile organization.

Even more to bureaucratic and segmented organizations, public relations is vital to the overall success of any establishment within the community in which it serves and their programme can introduce a friendly atmosphere in a hitherto antagonist environment to such an extent that the organization and the community can work together as partners in progress.

Any establishment that is worthy of its name owes the community in which it operates and serves a responsibility and the community too owes the organization, if the two are to exist in a conducive atmosphere to solve their neutral problems and evolve a better community.

Good public Relations can serve an organization from liquidations in terms of crisis and poor public relations may result in the death of a hitherto healthy organization. Full information of police public relations in Dunikofia and its relations with the community can induce great regard organization firstly for its good work to the community and then for its success in business.

Once this favourable impression is not created in the minds of the people of the communities.

The reputation of the organization is bound to sour within that community. The measure of successful policy public relations will be indicated by the regard which people have for an organization i.e regard based on their knowledge and understanding because an organization has been able to create a favourable image of itself within the community it serve.


Public relation practices is a phenomenon which is meant to use mutual understanding towards individuals ot organization and an organization like the police force to operate successfully in any community with its attendant, socio-cultural, economic, political and religious problems a necessity for such police organization and who should own polices.

On the other hand, a public relation is a deliberately planned and sustained effort which is geared towards maintaining mutual co-operation between organization and its policies. Every organization operates on a particular area, which it owes some social responmsibility. If the organization comes out of its duties effectively the community it operates on, would resituate and when this happens, there is likely to be mutual understanding in them otherwise, hostility will flame up.



  1. To investigate the extent the public relations has improved the police community relations.
  2. To determine how the services of police are understood and appreciated by the community it is being purported to serve.
  3. To examine if the activities of the police accords with the provisions of the law establishing it.
  4. To access the categories of officers qualified for the action.


  1. To what extent do public relation improve the police community relations?
  2. How far are the services of the police understood and appreciated by the community it is purported to serve?
  3. Are the activities of the police agreeable, with the provision of the law establishing it?
  4. What categories of officers is most guilty for this action?


This study will aid to bridge the gap between contradictory position and practice of public relations.

Also, the public is always suspicious about police for their unbecoming service. It will help to create mutual understanding and relationship between the police and the public they offer service to.

In academic field, it will aid for further study or research. It will equally help the governments to set a better policy for good public and police friendship for better security.

Lastly, this research work will enable public relations practioner’s carry out their functions with a good insight.



The scope of this study is the six (6) towns in Dunukofia. These ones under studies includes: Ifitedum, Nawgu, Ukwulu, Umunachi, Umudioka and Ukpo which is their headquarter. Also, it is the activities of the community police relations committee in these towns that are examined.


  1. PUBLIC RELATIONS: Is the deliberate planned and sustained effort to establish and maintain a mutual understanding between an organization and its publics.
  2. POLICE: Is anyone or an official organization whose job is to make people, obey the laws and orders, prevent and equally solve crimes.
  3. POLICE PUBLIC RELATIONS: According to Alozie practice, “Is an attempt to achieve the goal of a favourable public image, sometimes, both may not be emphasized rather truth is manipulated in order to gain an acceptable public image”.


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