Planning and control are major activities of management in all organizations. Budgets are central to the process of planning and control. The involvement with budget places the management accountant as a key player in the provision of management information. A budget is one of useful tools for monitoring the implementation of a correctly cost operational plan of entity. Historically, budget emerged out of a need to control and monitor the project income and the utilization of funds by entities Performance measurement and management control are critical component of impairing organization performance.

In this study, budget is set within an overall organization planning and control framework. A common sub Division of the wider planning and control framework in organization is strategic planning, management control and operational or task control. Strategic planning is the process of deciding on the goals of the organization and the formulation of the broad strategies to be use in attaining these goals. It is creative and involves identifying a company’s strengths and opportunities to grow while minimizing weakness and threats.

It has a long-term orientation and looks outside the organization at customers and competitors. Management control is the process by which management assures that the organization carries out its strategies. It is more short-time is focused on middle management and is more rhythmic and routine. Operational or task control is the process of assuming that specific tasks are carried out effectively and efficiently. The time scale may be very short-term and addresses targets of junior management most often is based on the used of non-financial measures and may be based on clearly defined input/output relationships. Generally, an organization’s objectives are expressed in on and three to five year time frames and are informed by its mission and vision. Traditionally, objectives are based on financial measures but increasingly are inclusive of non-financial measures. Strategies are the ways in which the organization expect to achieve success.

Depending on the uncertainty of the environment strategies can be developed as a “plan’ or a series of decisions made in a period of time but either way, for a stipulated time period their outcomes are consistent with the organizations objectives in that they are expressed in financial and increasingly, non-financial terms broadly management control system serve as the foundation for decision-making in all organization differ, management control systems provide the same structural support for the activities and goals of the organization ultimately, organizations adopt management control system with the expectation that they will facilitate better with the making and leads to improve organizational performance. Over time, the one would expect firms to adopt their management control system in an effect to maximum firms performance. To Dates, Empirical Research has not fully examined the effects of management control systems and planning on performance Previous studies suggest budgets are very unpopular with managers. There is scant evidence linking budgetary control and planning directly to organizational performance, the focus of this study. The study thus provide an analysis of budgeting process, control and planning among organization in Nigeria and a particular reference to industrial sector with the ultimate aim of demonstrating the role of management accountant in the process. The study will examine the link between budgetary control and organization performance in Access Bank of Nigeria Plc.

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