Undeveloped and develop countries have suffered a lot from the consequence of insufficient data or information, in most; consist a matter of the inaudibility of data. The secret of any good management is based on organized, coordinated and sufficient relevant data. This fact support the ideal of database whose overriding importance is to provide relevant and sufficient data or information to the user.

According to French (2000),users earnestly desire far piece of information which would be of immense benefit to them in their business this therefore, buttress the  fact  that a database in any organization or establishment is very essential to the organization. In a database, data may be stored in which it may involve a data directly which it will provide descriptive information on the data them stored in the database and how to access them.

The term database is often used synonymous of information. A database is generally made up of data from number of database it could be a collection of related information.

According to Brien James A (2000). The control and management system (DBMS)> this software (set of instrument that tell the computer what to do) is designed for record keeping, allows the computers to sort files of records in specific location. They spatially handle structural data that would normally be stored in a cabinet containing files. The concept of database means something specific. The data collected must posses certain qualities, the essential requirement of a database is no merely to store data efficiently but also to provide an effective means of retrieval. The objective is to provide a reliable up to data information on demand. The centralization of it cannot be retrieved more efficiently than others then the data structure of a business may be rationalized. Data can be retrieved without for the fact that base is in logical section.


The researcher study centered on the administrative admissions and information management department.

This  project “software development for post primary education database” is geared towards the needs and level of adolescent. The main objective of  this project is to implement the use of database management software on  graduate on secondary school student who are academically competent, constructively self-directed and who are oriented towards becoming productive, intelligent, sensitive and matured citizens of this country Nigeria.

To achieve this objective requires the combined commitment and effort of all school personnel, parents, the community and the ministry of education, local and federal level by time of this writing, the school has not be made to do so. Computer has arrived for installation and necessary writings done in anticipation of a possible computerization within the shorted time


Many government organizations and establishment as well as some private establishment management and preservation and this has seen a set back to them. For example hospitals, school, industries and banks.

Database and its management system have been known with the evolution of compiler. Few organization and establishment has come to the knowledge of this and utilize this concept and apply it while some other skill remain ignorant. It therefore in this ground that the administrative, admission and information management department post primary educational database is viewed and studied under the following considerations;

  • The number of application for administrations being on a geometric increase
  • Slight delay in the processing of record due to growing size and complexity of the establishment.
  • Time consumed and wasted in the retrieval of requirement file or records.
  • The stocks vomiting search process
  • Lost of records in transit during a search process.
  • The method of updating files makes the while exercise being and cumbersome.
  • Necessary to maintain an international standard.


On the one hand, the primary obligations of this study is to investigate and design a computer based operation system in replacement of the present manual system of operating in by inculcating the efficiency of database to information management and data processing in areas of data upkeep, retrieval validation, storing, updating and verification.

On the other hand, the researcher hopes to achieve the following

  1. Speeding up the processing storing and retrieval of information.
  2. Improve decision making by reducing processing time as well as reducing communication gap between the staff and the public.
  • To highlight the importance of database as regards information keeping.
  1. To promote efficient handling packages
  2. Reducing human error and improving confidentially of files and records
  3. Facilitation of information service to the customers
  • Bring about implementation on the manual rendering service and administration.


This research work critically explores the possible ways of creating a database application, that will be used in the institution and create a reliable information base system for the schools. The work will also help to reduce thee paper flow in the offices.


As a result of limited time and many) the study was based on the application of computer based system.

The set backs encountered in the course of this project are:

  1. Time: the time allocated for the completion of the project was insufficient and almost proud unmeeting,
  2. Finance: the high cost of using type electronic typewriter for the type of the project was quite demanding. The cost of getting the software’s that are needed to develop the database was many and expensive. The transportation fare in the quest for data was also a source of concern.




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