effectiveness of marketing promotions in the sale of textile products using Onitsha textile


This project looks into the effectiveness of marketing promotions in the sale of textile products using Onitsha textile mill as a case study. This project consist of chapter one to five. Chapter one indude Background of the Study, Statement of the Study, Objectives of the Study, Scope of the Study, Limitation of the Study and Definition of Terms. Chapter two examines the Literature Review and other functions of the topic such as Advertising, the advantages and disadvantages of various advertising media. Assessing the effectiveness of advertising media selection. Consumer-oriented sales promotion, chapter three involves research design and methodology, sources/method of data collection, population and sample size, sample technique, validity and reliability of measuring instrument and method of data analysis.

Chapter five did the summary, conclusion and recommendations of the study. Marketing promotion as defined by Boons and Kurtz (2004:284) is the function of informing, persuading and influencing the consumer purchasing decision. The dynamic matter of also makes it the most difficult and interested area of marketing decision making for an easy communication between consumer and an organisation, the organisation can use on or more of four major tools. Advertising personal selling, sales promotion and publicity for an easy understanding of the work the project is divided into fives chapter.

With marketing promotion sales is bound to increase and be able increase sales, create product awareness, attracting customers information on the changes should also be communicated. It will be better to conclude at this juncture, that effective marketing promotion should be maintain in the organization with regard to Onitsha textile mills.


Title Page = = = = = = = = = i
Certification = = = = = = = = ii
Dedication = = = = = = = = iii
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Abstract = = = = = = = = v
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Chapter One

1.0 Introduction = = = = = = =
1.1 Background of the Study = = = = =
1.2 Statement of the Problem = = = =
1.3 Objectives of the Study = = = = =
1.4 Research Questions = = = = = =
1.5 Significant of the Study = = = = =
1.6 Scope of the Study = = = = = =
1.7 Limitation of the Study = = = = =
1.8 Definition of Terms = = = = = =

Chapter Two

2.0 Introduction = = = = = = =
2.1 Literature Review = = = = = =
2.2 Advertising = = = = = = =
2.3 The Advantages and Disadvantages of Various
Advertising Media = = = = = =
2.4 Assessing the Effectiveness of Advertising
Media Selection = = = = = =
2.5 Consumer-Oriented Sales Promotion = = =

Chapter Three
3.0 Research Design and Methodology = = = = =
3.1 Introduction = = = = = = = = =
3.2 Research Design = = = = = = = =
3.3 Sources/Methods of Data Collection = = = = =
3.4 Population and Sample Size = = = = = =
3.5 Sampling Techniques = = = = = = =
3.6 Validity and Reliability of Measuring Instruments = =
3.7 Method of Data Analysis = = = = = = =

Chapter Four
4.0 Presentation and Analysis of Data = = = = =
4.1 Introduction = = = = = = = = =
4.2 Presentation of Data = = = = = = =
4.3 Analysis of Data = = = = = = = =
4.4 Interpretation of Result = = = = = = =

Chapter Five
5.0 Summary, Conclusion and Recommendation = = =
5.1 Introduction = = = = = = = = =
5.2 Summary of Findings = = = = = = =
5.3 Conclusion = = = = = = = = =
5.4 Recommendation = = = = = = = =

The objective of any organisation is to create customers and satisfying them at a profit that is producing goods and service that will satisfy the needs and wants of the customers and making a profit which will help the company to survive, the purpose of any business must lie in the society since a business enterprise is an organ of the society. any business must find what its effective marketing is who the customer is, where he is what he considers value what his unsatisfied wants, how do he buy and how can he be reached it is the duty of a company to provide what the customer need.

Onitsha textile mills was established in 1964 by the American they started production in 1965 the first general manager was an American by name Mr. W J Wayne by 1965, only the general manager and the personal manager were managing the organisation with regard administration e.t.c.
The personnel manager was Mr. Ezuma a Nigeria Onitsha textile mills was producing their product under the control and supervision of the American until when the Nigeria Civil war, the American left the company and want back to their country. On that note the Americans lost the textile mills, the personnel manager has informed the general manager that the textile mill was totally damaged during the civil war, because of the false information raised by the personnel manager. Mr. W.J Wayne, the general manager was discouraged from coming back to the textile mills after the civil war. It was after the civil war that the Chinese took over the textile mills in 1974 the production and management of the Chinese until 1990. The Chinese left Onitsha textile mills in the second of October 1990.

Chuche-Gate. The Indians took over the management of the textile mills, presently the mills managed and controlled by the Indians. the personnel management is a Nigerian while the general manager is an India the company has department like marketing, accounting administration and personnel department enable them carry out their duties effectively.
The term promotion could be defined as the direct attempt on the part of the marketing specialist to inform and persuade potential customers in other to accomplish the sale of their product, servicing or ideas through communications, in marketing, promotion, it is one of the components of what is generally known as the four ps (4ps) of the marketing mix product, price place and promotion, to this end, the topic of the research has on the effectiveness of the marketing promotion in the sale of textile products, with regard to Onitsha textile mill in this study will be concentrated on:
(1) What are the marketing promotional tools which are used to enhance sales.
(2) What are the impact of promotion on sales of organisation product.
(3) How effective is the marketing promotion in sale of textile products.
(4) Is there any problem encountered by the organisation in promotion of there products.
(5) How do organisation remedy the problems encountered during promotion of products more especially textile product.

(1) The specific objectives of the study are to; determine the impact of marketing promotion on sales of product.
(2) Ascertain the promotional tools that are effective.
(3) Identify the problems of marketing promotion in the sales of organisational products.
(4) Examine the extent of effectiveness of marketing promotion on sales of products.

The researcher formulates several question that will enhance the research work on the effectiveness of marketing promotion in the sale of textiles products and they are as follows.
(1) Does marketing promotion has any effect on the sales of textile product.
(2) What are the marketing tools that could be more effective in the promotion of textile product.
(3) Is there any peculiar problem encountered by organisation in marketing promotion.
(4) What are the necessary solutions to the problem encountered during promotion of textile products.
(5) Is there any significant relationship between marketing promotion and sales of textile products.

The study is geared towards curbing the ignorance of organisations on the marketing promotion that will enhance the sales of organisation products. Thus the significant of study point to two major groups, which are:

(a) The Organisation
The organisation will through this research work improve in their use of marketing promotion for effectiveness of the sales of organisational products more especially the beneficiary of this research work is Onitsha textile mills.

(b) The Public
The public here includes the organisational customers and teaming intending customers the research work will help them known where the products can be obtained and if possible the prise of such product.

(c) To the Researcher and to the up coming Researcher
The research will obtain her award of National Diploma upon the completion of this work and to up coming researcher, it will serve as a reference material.

The research work covers the fact of promotion on sales of textile products with particular interest. interest to Onitsha textile mills, through the research work can as well be referred to by other organisation who needs it to find solution to marketing promotion. Moreover it tends to concentrate in the effectiveness of promotional strategies in their marketing and also to analyse the effect of promotion or the behaviour of the consumers furthermore the study will also cover on how to apply promotion on the different strategies of the process for improved effectiveness on the sales strategy for Onitsha textile products.

Finally, promotion which is a very important aspect of the marketing mix attempts will be made to see how its effect leads to satisfaction of products use and in turn leads to repeat purchases.

This research paper, which aims at investigating the effectiveness of promotion on the marketing of textile products in Anambra State will be restricted to Onitsha textile mill Plc, as a result certain constraints, like time money. Due to time limit by which this research work must be completed and handed over to the department, some material facts, which are relevant to the research work could not be collected, moreso, the attitude of this companies being investigated who gave time period from when certain data for the research could be collected and the period is quite from the time of submission of the research work.

Bureaucracy of red-tapism to a large extent hindered the collection of necessary data required research from the organisation investigated. The difficulties encountered made the researcher depend largely on answers to the structured questionnaires.

The result of an action the impression produced, reality goods properly, devices contribution to the illustration of the place and circumstances in which the action is carried on.

The organisation and performance of their business activities with directs and exchange of goods between producers and customers.

Is a means of communication between the seller and the buyer. it consist of four major tools as advertising personal selling, the exchange of anything for money power or opportunity of selling demand public offer of goods to the sales.

A good service or idea to satisfy the customer’s needs.

A woven fabric
A type of cloth or woven fabric
A textile or cloth is a flexible woven material consisting of a network of natural or artificial fibres.


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