This research is on the relevance of packaging in the marketing of consumer goods in Nigeria. We try to find out the packaging strategies, understand the meaning, possibilities advantages and effect of modern packaging structure in modern Nigeria market. This work coverers five chapter one deals with the introduction, background of study, statement of problems objective of the study, research questions statement of hypothesis etc chapter two originated with a literature review which talks about various approaches to the definition of packaging importance strategy social influence etc. chapter three deals with the research methodology, research design population of the study etc  chapter four explained the presentation analysis of data and discussion of the findings. While chapter five is all about the summary of findings, research of the problem, recommendation, implication of the study and bibliography.


         1.0  INTRODUCTION


In the world of marketing in the recent time, it is not enough to produce a product, package it attractively, price it right, effectively distribute and display it to adequately meet the need of the consumers. The company must also let the people know about the existence of the product; the company must communicate the product to its target audience. This involves giving information about the product existence, features, and benefits and how it can be obtained by it target markets.  Effective communication is a part of a company’s prNigeria brewerytional activities, and may also be referred to as coordinated seller’s initiated effort to establish channels of information and persuasion to fasten the sales of goods and services, or the acceptance of ideas or point of view (Adirika 2014)  The marketing communication mix consist of a prNigeria brewerytional tools which include various forms of advertising, sales prNigeria brewerytion, personal selling, publicity program and public relations. All these are referred to as prNigeria brewerytional mix or prNigeria brewery tools.   Advertising is as non-personal paid form of presentation of ideas, goods and services or message to educate the target audience by an identified sponsor. Advertising in one form or another is used by virtually all manufacturers and retailers in the country to prNigeria breweryte and communicate their products and service to their target markets, Advertising helps to inform, educate and persuade consumers to accept a given product of point of view. Price of goods and services will continue to increase, which in turn will lead to less patronage by consumers. To survive in such situation, companies must therefore prNigeria breweryte their products more vigorously to gain competitive edge over their competitors.

Although advertising today does not broadcast original information on products, but it widens markets by such device as ensuring new uses and attracting leads. In consumer products, advertising is an ever-widening task in creating consumer interest and loyalty. In this research the researcher is more concerned with televising.   Television advertising is one of the newest and fastest growing mediums of communication. In Nigeria, we have both the local and national network stations. All national station (NTA) operates on ultra-high frequency (UHF), while the local stations (privately owned) authority. According to NTA marketing plan, television attracts about 39% advertising companies.


Television advertising does not have certain limitations. The advertisement message last only as long as it is being presented on the screen. If a prospect is not viewing or listening at the exact moment the advertisement is presented. The message is gone and wasted as far as the prospect is concerned. The problem of this research is to examine the extent to inform and persuade consumers to purchase Nigeria brewery products.

The following will be addressed in this research work.

  1. Is it possible to use television as a better medium for advertising certain type of products than others?
  2. Do consumers believe that television is a better medium to reach the potential consumers?
  3. Do television advertisement make meaning to the potential consumers?
  4. Do the consumers feel convinced about the advertised product after the television advertisement?
  5. Do television advertising create impact on consumer purchase and consumption of the products?


Advertising is a vital marketing tool that aids effective sales of goods and services, image and ideas, by positively influencing acceptance, adoption and use. It also elicits favorable responses from target audience involved by means of information and persuasion. In this study, the researcher will systematically evaluate the effect of advertising on buyer’s behavior of a selected target audience. The research specifically is tending to evaluate the advertising impacts on the marketing of consumers goods in Nigeria brewery this study is therefore intend to:

  1. Determine whether consumers are aware of Nigeria brewery products because of its advertisement and through which medium
  2. Find out the positive and negative effects of television advertising on the purchase and consumption of consumers product in Nigeria brewery.
  3. Ascertain if an increase in advertising efforts necessarily leads to an increase in sales volume of consumer product in growth of Nigeria brewery.
  4. Make recommendations to help improve television advertising in Nigeria brewery.


Choice of given media by consumers and whether the media reach the particular consumers, Research question is aimed at determining the extent to which television is used and whether it reaches the desired consumers effectively.

1: do consumers believe that television is a better medium for advertising certain types of product than other forms of advertising?

2: do television advertisement message made meaning to the potential consumers?

3: does the consumers feel convinced about the advertised product after the television advertisement

4: does television advertising create impact on consumer purchase and consumption of the products?




HO: television advertising does not bring an increase in sales volume of a given product.

Hi: television advertising brings an increase in sales volume of a given product.

Ho2: television advertising does not help in brand preference of consumer’s product.

Hi2: television advertising does help in brand preference of consumer’s product

Ho3:  Television advertisement does not remind consumers of the usefulness of a product.

Hi3:   Television advertisement reminds consumers of the usefulness of a product



This research work is designed to be great benefit to both business organization, government and the general public (consumers) to the business organizations. This research work will remind them that television advertising helps to prNigeria breweryte their product and services in order to win their consumer patronage and help gain competitive edge. It will equally be of use to organizations that do engage in advertising, as it will enable them to know where, when and how consumers appreciate. To the government, it will help them to understand that the impact of advertising through the television medium is very essential in customer products.

Again, it will make them check advert that are not to the good of the solicit and hence guide and inform the public on how dangerous a particular product can be to their health (cigarette). It will also help in regulating and checking business organization on when a low quality product is being produced and distributed in to the market. To the general public, it will help them to know that they have the right to accept or reject an advertisement.



In Nigeria, there are many existing industries. Some are international glass industry, uniliver Nig. Plc. International Equitable Association. These are among the top industries in Nigeria. But the scope of this study is narrowed to Nigeria brewery due to limitation of time and money

During the course of this research, the researcher contends with the following constraints.

  1. Time constraints: this was really a major hindrance in carrying out this research work. The time given for the research work was not enough coupled with other personal activities that need to be attended to.
  2. Logistics constraints: this manifested immensely owning to the increased transportation costs as a result of the raining season. Also, the high cost of collecting the questionnaires from people is also another problem encountered during this research work.





1)      A consumer: He is an individual who buys goods or has the capacity to buy goods and services which are offered by marketing bodies or corporate entitiles so as to satisfy personal needs wants and desires.

2)      Advertisement: it is the message expressing the qualities of a particular product to the target audience.

3)      Advertising: This is the process of preparing the massage contained on an advertisement and the presentation of advertisement on the media.

4)      Consumer Behaviour:  This is an aspect of human behavour that has to do with actions involved on the purch as of goods and service for the satisfaction of human desires wants and needs.

5)      News Adjacency: This is the period before during and immediately after news in the radio or television for advertisement.

6)      Institutional Advertising: This is the kind of advertising that is so lecy for the creation of favourable impression of an organization or corporate body on the mind of the society or business community as opposed to advertisements on product and services this is more of public relations.

7)      Network Advertising:  This is the type of advertising that cuts across the whole country.

8)      Regional Advertising: It is the type of advertising that is limited to a particular region in part of country.

9)      Primary Advertising: This is that type of advertising that arms at prNigeria breweryting demand for genetic products or services of the entire corporate body.

10)    Selective Advertising: This is the type of advertising that prNigeria brewerytes demand for particular product of an industry or firm. It is also known as direction advertising.


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