This research work is to investigate and ascertain the human resource management, a key to organization effectiveness and then ensure attainment of set objectives.It identify and defined the study of human resources management, which are poor quality of services of the local government employees, late coming to work and frequent excuses by the local government employees, and ways of solving these problems facing human resources management, by educating the employees so that good result will be obtain.



A number of elements combined, makes an organization effective such as leadership, finance, morale, methods and procedures. Among these elements, manpower stands out, No organization can be very effective and successful if its manpower and ministration is not adequately attained to.



For the research of this nature to be fully understood, the researcher must as a matter of fact let in her evidence on the background of study. My case study here is Osisioma Ngwa Local Government Area of Abia State. The local government was created in “1997” by the late head of state Gen. Sani Abacha, the local government like any other local government in Nigeria came into bring as a result of lake of government presence in the area, consequently, the people of Osisioma clamored for a local government of their own so that development can brought closer to the people.

The basic philosophy for the establishment of local government as a third tier of government in the world over us to bring socio-economic development at the grass root level.

In Nigeria, local government administration from the colonial period has had a bad history due to inadequate human resource management.

During the colonial era, local government was structured to favour the imperialist who were only concerned with moving our resources (human and material) abroad. The (imperialist) did not consider effective human resources management as being an important element in the effectiveness of local government organization.

Later, reforms of local government administration to place, government to realized that human beings run a day to day administration of these local government and so need to be properly managed, one of the advancement of “1976” reform, is that it made federal government to be involved in training of local government staffs, fixed salary structures were also stipulated in place of stipends.

All these examples to the fact that personnel department (human resource management) needs proper adequate attention for local government to be able to achieve its goals and objectives. Onah RC observed that one of the major problems militating against development of local government administration in Nigeria is the neglect of manpower planning. Manpower planning is a steps interrelated process which includes manpower, demand forecasting, supply forecasting, productivity and cost planning and budgeting and control. The entire project is aimed at suggesting ways of combating and combining these problems.



Basically, local government is charged with the responsibilities, as stated in 1.1 above persons working in the local government council need to be well trained so that they can administer government functions to the people, it therefore imperative to point out that lack of adequate management of human resource has given rise to such problem as:

  • Under development of the local government as a result of irrelevant policies.
  • Poor quality of services of local government employees
  • Late coming to work and frequent exercises by local government employee.
  • Inability of local government to manage labour crises.

The statement above suggest that without adequate human resource management no organization can be effective and efficient, on this account the researcher aims as assessing the human resources management system in Osisiona Ngwa local government with the view of ascertaining it functionality and acceptance by the employees.




  • To ascertain the extent to which human resource management can enhance the effectiveness of an organization.
  • To educate the employers and the employees on how human resource management can contribute to the development of an organization.
  • To help in enhancing the performance of organization towards achieving their set target through employment, orientation and placement of eligible persons.



The impact of this research work cannot be over-emphasized. Research work is seen as an academic exercise and so goes a long way in broadcasting the knowledge of the researcher on topic of investigating. The local government associated with this research shall benefit immensely on the outcome of this report, student, and administrators and worldwide will be relying on this report for better human resource management practice.





Local government as an organization needs proper human resource management to be able to deliver or perform it duties of socio economic development to the rural dwellers. OKOLI MU (2005.1) see local government as a unit of government established by the act of law to administer (through human beings) the functions of government and see to the welfare and interest of local dwellers under the local government system. The above definition of local government shows that without adequate human resource management no organization can achieve its set goals and objectives. When an organization fails to meet it set target the effectiveness of that organization is in doubt. For any organization to be effective, efficient and purposeful the following must be given attention.

  •   The welfare aspect which is concerned with the working condition and amenities such as canteens, housing, schools, personal problems of workers and recreation.
  • Labour and personnel aspect, this is concerned with recruitments, placement, training of employees, remuneration, promotion incentives and productivity.
  • The industrial disputes, point consultation and collective bargaining. All these aspects constitute the components of human element in an organization.

In summary, without the productive and co-ordinate effort of human beings, material resources world be meaningless. It is a common saying that failure and success of any organization depends not on the will and ability of personnel to perform maximally on their assigned duties. This explanation goes further to confirm the remark of JC DENYA that “Materials machine and even officers can be replaced and any work involved can be insured against but a good loyal team of workers cannot be replaced nearly so easily”.



For the purpose of being able to role into the mind of subjects or resobedents, question were developed by the researcher, there questions will help the researcher in data collections.

These are as follows.

  • What is the relationship between human resources management and organizational effectives?
  • Can adequate placement and training of workers enhance their performances?
  • Is good communication process important in organizational co-operation and co-ordination?



This researcher work is delimited to Osisioma Ngwa local government council only. The investigation covers such as personnel welfare workers recruitment, placement communication process, labour unionism etc. the nature of this research limits the  area of concentration, human resource management is the area of interest so, material and finance management and control are executed.

On the other hand, the researcher encounters some problems during the exercise such problem includes shortage of funds, lack of co-operation from employees in responding to questionnaires. Another constraint was the availability of respondent, when needed, being as it may; the researcher had a way of completing his work.




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