Impact of Performance Appraisal on Employees Motivation

Impact of Performance Appraisal on Employees Motivation




Performance appraisal refers to a process, which studies and evaluated the job performance. Appraisal is an effective instrument in the human resources management, which if performance correctly and logically used, the organizations will achieve their interest (Rezghi Ros tami, 2000). The act of motivating the employees is in the heart of the organizations. Success in every organization depends upon the personnel motivation conducted by their directors (Abedinirad & Hazer, 1995).

Identifying the proficient employees and presenting them rewards (bonus) as a sign of motivation, in order to improve their performance are among the essential factors in performance appraisal (loker,1977).

KavussiShal (1999) believes that the appraisal system is a good instrument to improve the quality and quantity of the manpower’s performance. Nowadays, performance appraisal is considered as an important aspect in human resources management and a part of the control process in administration (KavussiShal, 1999). Planning the appraisal process is an important subject in the government’s official system which is annually conducted in the governmental organizations, spending a large amount of time and expenditures to reach the objectives like: manpower development, including improvements, promotions and assignments in managerial positions, persuasion and punishment, salary increase, personnel’s performance feedback and determining their educational needs. In order to reach the objectives of an organization, every person must have sufficient awareness of his/her position with such as awareness, the employees will detect the strong and weak points of their performance and behavior, so that they will probably resolve the problems and deficiencies and will turn them into more efficiency and effectiveness.

Therefore, appraisal can be considered as an important factor in identifying the people’s talents and capacities and its results can make them aware of advancements, plans and goals. An organization, itself, needs to detect the employees’ efficiency to improve the manpower’s status, for the purpose of increasing the volume of the production and services and making positive changes in its trend (KavussiShal, 1999). In spite of the permanent efforts in planning more effective system for performance appraisal, there is convincing evidence of the authority’s dissatisfaction of the appraisal methods (Fox, 1987).

The appraisal systems are usually involved with the following problems: the lack of adequate support by managers, impracticability, the appraiser’s failure in conducting a right and fair appraisal, and the lack of accordance with realities (Lures, 1980).

Performance appraisals are indispensable for the effectual supervision and costing of staff. Appraisal help to enlarge individuals, perk up secretarial routine, and nourish into dealing development. Ceremonial performance judgment is commonly conducted per annum for each and every one workforce in the organization everyone is appraised by their line supervisor. Performance appraisals are also crucial for career and succession development. Performance review designed for workforce inspiration, position and conduct improvement, converse directorial aims, along with nurturing optimistic associations between supervision and workforce. Performance appraisals provide a recognized, recorded, customary assessment of an individual’s routine, and a sketch for potential enlargement. In diminutive, performance and career judgment are crucial for administration the performance of natives and organizations. (Panagar 2009) Performance evaluation ought to be treated as an enduring developmental progression to a certain extent than a prescribed once-a-year review. It ought to be intimately monitored by both worker and assessor to guarantee that targets are mortal achieved. By preparing physically conscientiously and signifying a keenness to work together with your reviewer to enlarge your responsibility, you will craft an encouraging consciousness. Worker act, in common, submit to behavior with the intention of applicable to directorial goals and with the intention to organize entity workforce (J.P et al. 1993) Performance assessment are perchance the preponderance vague along with ill-treated administration means in the times of yore. While raise, the mainstream of individual director will pledge canopy with the intention of their mass crucial means for analysis constituent of the section. The authenticity is that, on the whole, managers, supervisors, and employees abhorrence the inference for them and they hardly ever obtain complete. Individual reserve specialized squander an assortment of moment trouncing lay people into doing them, while managers appear for a diversity of motivation to wildcat strike the sequence. The intention for this is that it’s consistently an abrasive follow to clutch out, group get on performance assessment for the erroneous grounds and from the erroneous summit of view. This can ending up put the administrative and the employee on sundry “sides”. Assessments are worn for influential disburse boost, who acquire let go, who acquire sponsor. Nearly everyone frequently, they are worn to hub on what populace contain invalid. (Jr 2009). Provides management with decision-making information on human resources expand and progress report with employees erect stronger working relationships Identifies performers needing enhancement for coaching/guidance support taking responsibility for their performance and improvement.

(Armstrong 2005).According to Kewin Dwyer Performance Appraisal should be the Opportunity for an organizer in an organization to set the enlargement opportunity for their workforce flaming it should be a revitalizing invigorating juncture. Admittedly sometimes it may be tough practice as some home truths are formally collective about performance and leadership but it should never, never be a flabbergasted.

Motivation signifies a worker yearning and obligation, which is marked as effort. Some populace wishes for to absolute project excluding efficiently distracted or dejected. They have greatest point but diminutive guarantee.

Other hoof next to with splendid principle, but there is effort unimaginative. This populace has elevated pledge but little need (KAMAL1 et al. 2005). According to Luthans with the intention of inspiration this is the procedure which arouse, stimulate, leads, and with position manners and concert



The problems of what motivates workers into improving their work performance for an efficient organizations operation have undergone a very big strain given to writer of motivation series.

In most cases, workers in some manufacturing companies do not receive adequate bonus and incentive which could contribute immensely to inactive performance in their job or work. However, the problems in question can be highlighted viz:

  1. Low productivity and profitability in a manufacturing company.
  2. The production of inferior goods and rendering of poor services
  3. Negative attitudes of workers in carrying out assigned duties
  4. There seem to be an insatiable demand from some employees in an organization.





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