This research was carried to find out the “marketing of hotel service in Owerri metropolis” using Mac Davos hotel ltd Owerri as our case study.  we tried to find out the advertising strategies employed by the organization and it’s impact to the organization. The research was conducted with the oral interviews and questionnaire.  From the study we found out that, the Mac Davos hotel ltd major advertising medium is magazines (travelers weekend and infinity).  they use some other ones like sign posts at strategic points of Owerri metropolis.  we also discovered that they use other promotional mix such as sales promotion (biros, cards, calendars etc) and publicity.

we also found out that the environment and facilities of Mac Davos hotel attracts customers to the hotel,  the relationship between the customers and the staff is highly credible.  we discovered that the firm has a very high reputation in the society. the researcher commend the management of Mac Davos hotel for good environment and facilities and come up with the following recommendations.  They should include advertising budget in the operating cost, use more of television media of  advertising than others & introduce





A mere mention of the hotel and catering business will immediately call to our mind to travel industry and tourism, this is due to the functional relationship between the two advertising has contributed a lot to boost a better image of both major and minor hotels. In every part of the world, hotel services provides meals, drinks, attraction, accommodation etc to the general public or persons in transit especially people traveling to place where they have neither their own houses nor any relation to cater for their needs. Such people will like to know some few things about hotels and catering services in their transiting area. In other words they may like to know about available hotels, the categories of such hotels the rooms and suit tares the type of food served, the necessary comfort, customers are accorded with the games that is both indoor and outdoor games available and perhaps any other special features that make such hotel appealing to the sojourners in transit. These characteristics of  hotels are boasted by advertisement in so many countries of the world.

In Nigeria for example major hotel such as Sheraton hotel, Eko hotel, Federal palace hotel, Nicon- Nugo just to mention but a few, most of these hotels have made impressionable image both national and international and the Large Hotel rooms go to advertisement that have heralded their various characteristics class placement status to the public generally without advertising the image of their hotel, would not be so diffused to the public for instance recently in Owerri, some hotels have come up with the advertising of their services.

Besides, advertising gives amputees colours to the various environmental factors that sum up to tourism and transit and newly arrived visitors attractions associated with hotels in the metropolis of any country depending on the nation of the country.

Today many countries try to add cultural impression into their hotel, merely to portray history of the country to transit and newly arrived visitors to that country. Advertising therefore, gives sample interpretation of not only hotel but also countries where the hotel is situated.

However, the impact of advertising on the marketing of hotel service is noticed in many countries, that it cannot be over emphasized. The case of Nigeria is very vivid for example major hotels in metropolitan cities have taken advertising as an act of informing the public about its existence, merit and where the hotel is located in other words, it make no sense to build better mouse trap and keep it secrete that is it will make no difference if a nice hotel with well matured staffs and adequate amenities is built and kept secret but advertising proves a better ground for its publicity to the public the quality of services accorded to customers and recommendation about staffs competent. Secondly, one can say that any hotel that undertakes advertising will cut down the cost of using personal selling like employment of salespersons to take on behalf of the activities of the hotel. Advertising is a vital tools to every hotel that need growth.

Furthermore, advertising enables customers to know various hotels in Owerri metropolis and to choose which to patronize although in some cases advertising may not necessarily to be seek/ catch new

customers but are designed to retain the existing customers.

Despite the fact that it promotes the image of the hotel that embark on it before the general public it also make the services of those hotels very unique from other hotels and also make them to obtain larger share in marketing of hotels services hence, in all circumstances, there are some major impacts of advertising on the marketing of hotel services. Every entrepreneurial project requires early study on some process of informing the public of its existence and merit. In the same vein every hotel requires some piece of information on informing the public and its merit.

Advertising stimulates the sale of good product and distribution of bad products. This implies that advertising stimulates sale when the product or services being advertised has good quality but destroy a bad quality services or product likewise hotel services which have good qualities will be entranced using advertising and be destroyed if the hotel does not live up to the expectation of customers or target market. Brands would be dead without advertising, advertising is known to create brand image and to undertake advertising, a hotel can create a good image of itself before the public. Advertising is also very vital because it helps to raise the standard of our locally manufactured services and for the development of arts. Advertising does not jack, its pulls if it is continuous it will exert an irresistible force, it is no game for the guitar. It is a game for the side live if you take to run a successful business.

Advertising contribute to the economy by contributing to personal selling and making it a cheaper operation. Advertising lowers the cost of information about brands, qualities, heads to increase in brand quality and lower average price per unit quality and including sampler and alternatives cost. Advertising leads to market power which assumes that advertising changes sales, makes demand less chars tic and create durable loyalties that cannot be tested.

Finally, it is convenient to say that hotel uses advertising to get information with particular reference to its impact in marketing of hotel services and good image.





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