The purpose of this work is the final out the effect sales promotion in many organizations the benefit ranges from its support in profit generalization increasing sales and net profit. The technical research design population sampling procedure and procedure for data collection and data analysis was used tables and percentages were used tables to analyze structured and scrutinized questionnaire. Research questions were studied and research the details are in the main work of this project. 

Recently, most companies have come to realize the importance of sales promotion, unlike before when organization, would only subject themselves to production to production without making any effort to sell them off. During the time of production, most companies kept on producing products with the hope of selling. To them, they through that as long as the products are available, customers or customers will definitely buy them. But recent findings have shown that amongst the other promotional tools we have in marketing, it is only sales promotion that quick sales are made, it means that the company is getting returns which will also lea to profitability in the organization. However, the two mostly, widely used promotional tools have advertising and personal selling. Sale promotion is designed to complement and improve on the efforts of advertising and personal selling; sales promotion is applied in both producer and consumer market. Since one organization may not be sale producer or sale seller a product , also since consumers or costumers taste an preference charges, promotional techniques like sales promotion should be adopted when the market is full of competition, the expression survival of the” fittest applies and in other to survive the bottle neck, competition in the industry, most organization adopt different measure eg sales promotional strategies to attract and retain customers.
The word brewing is the process of producing beer from barely some 4000 years ago. Ancient beer head flat taste and lacked most of the constituents which impact among taste and foam. Beer is not drink for it sweetness because it is not sweet and this remain the fact.
The history of brewing industry in Nigeria dated back to the lies is an impact technology. The indigenous drink in Nigeria industries palm wine poto-kaikai, Kwange Burukutu etc
Though still new in some quarter beer is gradually replacing these traditional drinks in celebrations such as marriage birth ceremony funeral which were not often celebrate in the past the only way these indigenous drinks were promoted in the past was the tasting method. Consumers then were allowed to taste various palm wine to the market by different producers and sellers, it serves as a means which determines consumer’s patronage decision this is because palm wine and burukutu were generic not until recently that they were being branded. Bottle beer was first marketed in Nigerian by Nigeria breweries limited (NB) Nigeria breweries limited in 1949 this market the beginning of a buoyant industry that the present markets about six (6) brands of acholO and non –alcohol brewages.
Today, social norms as they related to the sue of alcohols in ceremonies has changed and beer is now used instead in some cases they are exclusive used while in others for examples social chills a particular brand may be favoured by the established norms the beer brewed by more than 27 breweries in some rural areas in Nigeria are highly valued than its drinks and often used as a form for mediation. Nonetheless, not every consumer, prefer beer to palm-wine into other alcoholic beverage neither do consumers accept all brands. In view of this breweries producers different brands if beer in the country in spite of the fact that consumers do not accept all brands.
The expression, the survival of the fittest, described the situation in order to survive this bottle neck competitions industry the breweries adopts different measures and uses promotional strategies to attract and retain customers.
In positive response to needs of attracting and retaining customers, Nigeria breweries Plc Aba makers of star beer guider maltina etc has embarked on many sales promotional activities and strategies that are scarcely funded and founded in other breweries in Nigeria today.
This has a lot of impact on customers patronage of the profit of the competitive because they are in line with selling’s and the community sees its benefit and it is bound to patronizing particular company.
The current economic recession paralyzed almost all business activities in Nigeria and breweries as an industry is in no exception the emergences of energy gave rise to breweries and the resulting proliferation of many other types of beer given rise to competitive this competitive involves therefore efforts to used different sales promotion activities in attracting and retaining customers it is based in the background that the researcher want to consider those sales promotional activities that the company can use in order to achieve increases in profit of the organization the study therefore aims at diagnosing different situations that can attract sales promotion activities that the company can use to salvage the situation in addition to offering the product which sales promotion should cover during the promotional period.
The study also diagnosis problems that can lender sales promotional activities such as the problems of customers inability to comprehend the sales promotional activities of the company and the subordination of marketing department there naming its scope of operations.

The study aimed at determining how sales promotional activities contributes to the profitability of Nigeria Breweries Plc Aba This could be achieved by taking the following result objective into consideration.
1. To determine what kind of sales activity is to be used.
2. To determine whether sales promotional activities actually contributes to profitability of organization.
3. To determine which people to cover during the promotion period.
4. To determine whether sales promotional budget is commensurable to the actual benefit derivable.

1. What are the promotional means used in their sales promotion.
2. Does your company use promotion in marketing its product?
3. Does your company have a promotion department?
4. What is your organization area of activity?
5. In which type of market does your firm sell its product?

Broadly speaking the project intends to high light at other trends of the sales promotional activities as a meaning of increasing profit in an organization the project is meant to serve many purpose it has to deal with students who make research work and to persons who are promoting sales promotional activities as a means of increasing profit in Nigeria breweries plc Aba Abia state.
Findings add conclusion drawn from his research (at NB plc Aba can be real to analyzing the entire state. Also apart from class work project the study will acqdcident the student with the necessary field work asset of sales promotional programmes and as a result creates opportunity of attempting a blend together of theoretical and practical instruction that has been give in the classroom and not an employment where a mistake could cost him his job or position. Addition to such exposure of particularly the judgment of marketing research the student is also afforded the opportunity of going into and learning at first had about the Nigeria market.

This research study is limited to Aba is consideration a good area because it is a town where a large number of growing organization exist with stiff competition which Nigeria Breweries plc is one of them. Also because of its nearness to the school. Federal polytechnic Nekede Owerri.
It is necessary to state that the choice of Nigeria breweries plc is not just for academic exercise but in addition is one of the breweries in the state that markets high audit product at the time of this research. Also, it has a qualified promotional activities that issued by the company in promoting it product, based on these facts the research was convinced that the inform action gathered from this company will be good enough to ascribe on the influence of sales promotional activities and its importance as at the organization profit level.

This research paper which aims of investigating the importance of sales promotions tools as a way of increasing profit to business organization Nigeria breweries plc Aba really affected by a lot of constraints.
The major problems encountered was the inability to give adequate co-operation from the staff of the company more especially from the personnel management this made things difficult for me to get the data required in order to make my findings this really wasted my time during the research period.
Furthermore, the bureaucratic nature of work existing in the company acted also as constraints during the study they requested / that I should get personnel department. I was also asked to get a conversing note from my hand of department first going to the sales department this in fact actually prevented me from getting at the information needed.
Also finance acted as a hindrance during the period of this study to cost of transportation for the number of days this research work was carried because a problem to me.
Time factor also contributed to my great test problems there was time given to carry out the research most of time were wasted in going to the organization then in order to facilities and get the required information.
Unwillingness of the organization needed for the study also affected the research study.
Sales promotion is defined as the use of victory of tactical marketing tools of short term incentive nature to stimulate demand (Kotler 1980:540)
Profit this is sum total of revenue generated minus taxes.
Industry: This is geographically sated place for the production of goods and services.
Product: This is a physical produce product by industry for the satisfaction if needs wants.
Organization: This is the management of a firm or business acting as a one body for the production if goods and services.
Transportation: This is movement if convey of people or goods from one place to another could be done through road, Air, Pipeline or sea (Dewett k.k 1980)


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