Bankers are under a great deal of stress and due to many antecedents of stress such as Overload, Role ambiguity,Role conflict, Responsibility for people, Participation, Lack of feedback, Keeping up with rapid technological change. Being in an innovative role, Career development, Organizational structure and climate, and Recent episodic events. One of the affected outcomes of stress is on job performance. This study examines the relationship between job stress and job performance on bank employees of banking sector in Nigeria. The study tests the purpose model in relation of job stress and its impact on job performance by using (n=144) data of graduate, senior employees including managers and customers services officers of well reputed growing bank in Nigeria. The data obtained through questioners was analyzed by statistical test correlation and regression and reliabilities were also confirmed. The results are significant with negative correlation between job stress and job performances and shows that job stress signifincently reduce the performance of an individual. The results suggest that organization should facilitate supportive culture within the working atmosphere of the organization.



Over the past few decades stress is emerging as an increasing problem in organizations. Stress is vigorous state in which a person is confronted with an opportunity, demand, or resource related to what the individual wishes and for which the outcome is perceived to be both vague and vital. (Selye, 1936) first introduced the idea of stress in to  the life science. He defined stress as the force, pressure, or tension subjected upon an individual who resists these forces and attempt to uphold its true state. Basically what is stress? The HSE (Health Safety Executive Nigeria) defines stress is an undesirable response people have to tremendous pressures or other types of demands placed upon them.

It arises when they worry they cannot deal with. Some stress can be good, and some can be bad. HSE distinguishes between stress and pressure. Pressure is seen as positive and something that actually helps improve our performance. We all need a certain amount of pressure to perform well – ask any athlete, actor or actress. However, the problems arise when the sources of pressure become too frequent without time to recover, or when just one source of pressure is too great for us to cope with.

Stress can be understood more comprehensively as, it is a condition which happens when one realizes the pressures on them, or the requirements of a situation, are wider than their recognition that they can handle. If these requirements are huge and continue for a longer period of time without any interval, mental, physical or behavioral problems may occur, (Health &Safety Executive NIGERIA). Stress has a positive effect on employees of any organization but up to a certain extent up to which an employee can cope with it, mostly it exceeds the bearable limits and have a negative result on employees. This is the base of the research study which has not yet been conducted in Nigeria. A lot of work has been conducted outside Nigeria. Number of studies has been conducted in different area of world but a huge gap exists in third world countries like Nigeria. The purpose of this study is to examine stress in employees of banking sector of Nigeria


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