The research work titled “the relevant of advertising as a determinant of customer patronage for fast food (a case study of Chiky and Early in Owerri Metropolis was carried out with objectives. To determine how advertising has affected the decision to buy. Early or chiky. To determine the brand of fast food that is more available than the other and the customer demand for it. To suggest ways the companies should follow to make better progress in bottling their brands and for them to satisfy their customers to actieve the above objective, related literature were reviewed as a determinant of customer patronage for fast food. In addition to primary and secondary data were collection to solve the research problem and questionnaire were used to research problem and questionnaire were used to research instruments. The population of the study comprised the customer distributors and the management and relevant staff of both early and chiky fast food in owerri metropolis. The research used census survey on management and relevant staff because the population under study was small, while topman’s formular was used to determine the sample size for customers and the distributors. In organizing and presenting the data collected, table, frequencies and percentage were used. Based on the analyzed data, the following findings were made. The customer in Owerri indicates that the price of chiky is higher than that of early. They also observed that advertising helps to create awareness of both products. Customers are mare satisfied with the advertising that leads to purchase of chiky than Early. Based on the findings, recommendation were made, Both companies should engage in advertising strategies that are relevant and other promotional activities that appeals to customers for efficient and relevant goals achievement. The two companies should maintain continuous availability of their products. Nigeria breweries plc should reduce the price of their product order to attract more customers. Early should look into the advertising that leads to more purchase of their product. If the above suggestions and recommendation are relevant and efficiently implemented both companies will experience a profound change in their advertising performance and customers will be better served.

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1.2 Statement of the Problems = = = = 8-9
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1.4 Research Questions = = = = = = 10-11
1.5 Significance of the Study = = = = 11-12
1.6 Scope of the Study = = = = = = 13
1.7 Definition of Terms = = = = = = 13
1.8 Limitation of the Study = = = = = = 14

2.0 Literature Review = = = = = = 15-16
2.1 Introduction = = = = = = = 16-18
2.2 Forms of Advertising = = = = = 18-22
2.3 Role of Advertising in the Marketing of Customer
Goods = = = = = = = = 22-29
2.4 The Relevant of Advertising on Product Brands 29-30
2.5 Overview of Customer Determinant Pattern = 30-32
2.6 The Impact of Advertising on the Determinant
For Fast Food = = = = = = = 33-36
2.7 Impact of Advertising on the determinant for Chiky
To Early = = = = = = = 36-40
References = = = = = = 41

3.0 Research Design and Methodology = = 42
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3.2 Research Design = = = = = 43
3.3 Sources/Methods of Data Collection = 43-44
3.4 Population and Sample Size = = = 45-48
3.5 Sample Technique = = = = = 48
3.6 Validity and Reliability of Measuring Instrument 49
3.7 Method of Data Analysis = = = = 50

4.0 Presentation and Analysis of Data = = 52
4.1 Introduction = = = = = = 52
4.2 Presentation of Data = = = = 52
4.3 Analysis of Data and Interpretation of Results 52-67

5.0 Summary, Conclusion and Recommendations 68
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5.2 Summary of Findings = = = = 68
5.3 Conclusion = = = = = = 69-70
5.4 Recommendations = = = = = 71-72
References = = = = = = 73

The fast food industry is a product offering as well as service-rendering industry. This posed a fundamental challenge for the management of fast food industry, more so that service quality is even more difficult to measure than measuring product quality. The industry is closely linked to the hospitality and health care industry where high quality product or service cannot be compromised or scarified. Therefore, this failure of any firms, to meet the required level of expectation may spell doom.
European journal of social science-volume 19, number 2 (2011) for the outfit. This probably explains what could aptly be descried as the high mortality rate being experienced where customers consumed poor quality food, thus, there is a need to identify the service quality gap and to continuously adopted to customers assessment or perception of service quality in the fast food industry in order to ensure high customers satisfaction and continuous patronage.
Although, quality consciousness is increasive, it is saddening to observe that some companies still design their product and services without recourse to customer input, only to later find them rejected. It is important to note that fast food firms, springing up in Nigeria need to recognise and accept that, customer’s judgement of quality and cost is superior and dominate all other judgement. Therefore, managers, apart from identifying the needs and specifications of customers should continually appraise customers on the company’s product/services. The intention is to close the gap that exists between the actual product quality delivered and the customers perception.
The fast food industry should not only focus on quality aloue, but equally important is how to central and reduce cost, this is because conformers cherish high quality product with an acceptable price.

It is a common belief that advertising is as old as human history, yet as a promotional tool, it started with the development of commerce. “In this early days advertising was practiced in different forms of different parts of the world” according to Samson (1981:180). He maintain Advertising that “there were small stone printing stamps which were used by the quacks of Romans times to impress on surface of their solves. During these period there are different Era of advertising which include “pre-marketing Era, this stated that as a product exchange in pre-historic times to the middle of eryhteenth century, buyers and sellers communicated in very primitive ways for most of this period, “media” such as clay tables, town criers, and favour sign were the best way to advertise a product used in other word, people needs to one another through advertising, as one can see, advertising takes may forms and has considerable influence on contemporary society and commerce (connor and Hart 199:5).
During the last 50 years (researcher Era) advertising have methodologically improved the techniques of identifying and reaching narrowly targeted audience with message prepared specifically for each group or individual, modern communication technology has Gided in this quest for the perfect advertising campaign. Awake 22nd August (1998:5) many years age people uses primitive hand tools to product goods, they were in small isolated communities where artisans and farmers battered goods and services among themselves, distribution was limited, due to development, Greek and Roman merchants expanded contect with other society and with the development of more sophisticated tools, people achieved a higher level of production. But anicet civilization had only unsophisticated hand tools for producing goods so quantity and variety of available goods was negligible. There was an increase demand for goods created a greater need to advertise the availability of these goods. (Marshar 1995:81) this signs carved in clay wood or stone were buy in front of shops so passer-by could see what the merchants has to offer because most people of this time could not read; as a result this signs are used to symbolize the goods for sale. The symbolic and pictorial nature of advertising which gave vent to out door advert has proved to be one of the enduring form of advert, (Connor and Hart 1999:10).
The introduction of printing market a dramatic turning point in 1450’s which was the major event in the history of civilization and probably the most important development in the history of advertising (Jonliness Guter berg) the inventor of printing press and its system changed the way people lived the world.
In 1740’s, the first printed outdoor poster known as “loading” appeared in London, which advertising in Nigeria, adverting can be traced to one of the earliest mass communication, which is known as “Town crying”. According to Nwabueze (1980:28) modern advertising in Nigeria commended with the establishment of the first newspaper called Iwe Irohin, which carries information. Advertising is a powerful marketing communication tools used by companies to fulfil the promotional task, it is impersonal for communication or presentation of goods, ideas, or services conducted through paid media under open or identified sponsorship. It is a marketing tools that helps to sell goods, services, images, and ideas through information and persuasion. It objectives could be to create awareness, achieve conviction, build determinant, influence choice of purchase and encourage action. Advertising has a purpose full influence on the choice of purchase to wards a product brand of a customer when an advert is placed showing the benefits and advantages factors to entice the buyers, making the advert to suit once. Personality their he starts to initiate conviction the next thing he takes action (purchase) therefore advertisement has much influence on the choice of purchase. Advertising is an agant of choice, one of the most important benefits is that it facilitates the customers becoming active rather than passive agents in the economic cycle for a customer to make a purchase, he need to be informed he receives information from variety of sources and make his decision once.
Advertising girgles are intended to have relevant on the customers or the recipients and the wide spread on different fast food coupled with the growth of firms that manufacture different brand of fast food occurred simultaneously with the rapid expansion of fast food market (Connor and Hart 1999).
Customer who could not afford to taste beer turned to non-alcoholic drinks like fast food with the aim that comes from advertising messages.
It becomes imperative for these are many brands of fast food left for the marketing managers to determine those factors which necessitate the customer determinant of one brand which include Early fast food, chiky fast food, Early fast food and chiky fast food.
However, our main aim here is to determine how much influence does advertising exert on the customers of early and chiky fast food also how it affects the choice of the customer.


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