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Employee performance is the factor that leads to job satisfaction. It is important to increase employee and job satisfaction among employees. The complexity in operations and functions requires that whether of public or private sector, we have to put in place appropriate organization techniques and managerial skill to facilitate job satisfaction. Mangers are therefore task with the responsibility of combing available resources in the right proportion to work with the employee and through them to achieve the desired result of the organization. In the past, human performances are job situation was not solely a function of the aptitudes or skills that the employee brought to the work place, rather a reaction based on the spurring energizing or including factor of the organization adopted  in the actualization of their act goals. The condition responsible for variation in the intensity, quality and directions of ongoing behavior of employees the organization is called by the individual attempts to satisfy his needs. (Akanwa P.U 2004) in this effect, management must be well informed of the behaviors of individual working in an organization before embarking on any process of employee. This is because if the subordinate needs are satisfied it leads to job satisfaction and efficiency which induce them to work or act but where the contrary is the case the employees does their work grudgingly and inefficiency. This therefore show that employee is an ongoing process within an organization is success must be achieved since the effective mobilization and utilization of the effort of worker who make up the labour  forces lies within the individual and their environment which provide them with feedback and reinforce the put density and direction. Looking at the issue in another perspective it has been observed that human being differs in their personalities and need in this extent to which they would like to remain committed to their chosen occupations depending on the extent to which these job satisfy their needs material can therefore profit by matching task requirement and behavior per-disposition. But in a situation when an organization plays down on the employee of it deployment or dalliance of payment of wages and salaries in other benefits, there arises a condition in which workers feel retarded and hunted by fear of job security finally this  mimy sectoria ebonyi stater research work carried out in bears the fact that employee does not necessarily has to be made up of extrinsic rewards which induce job satisfaction and high productivity this can also be found in other organization.


From the earlier stage, the problem of employee in many organizations has resulted from the workers are not satisfied with their jobs which made them to keep on searching for the kind of jobs that will enhance their satisfaction and needs.

Firstly it is an established fact that an employer is expected to provide working conditions that are conducive to the welfare of employees in order to maintain as table happen and healthy work force, but t has have not been able to identify this in this respect, rewards needs satisfaction and individual difference of person who receives them. It also attracts them. It also attracts the attempting of the managers in coordinating most cases misapply in the organizational setting such as decision making which must be done with the co-operation of the subordinates as a way of pursing the organization forward and also know the individual perspectives in some cases of the organization which if not done the organization would be faced with an up till task in its bid to satisfy workers and gain their commitments if the worker situation or career is not in consonance with their personalities, prestige and needs.

As the concept of employee is always misapplied and equally meant different things to many employees in an organization despite volume of previous research material on the topic, this investigators though it wise to conduct research into job satisfaction on workers performance in  mimy sectoria ebonyi, statein order to ascertain the applicability or other wise of the concept in the establishment.


The objectives of this study in addition to fulfilling a company’s requirement which includes the following:

  1. To investigate whether or not employees in statutory establishment are being motivated with working condition conducive to job satisfaction.
  2. To ascertain whether workers are allowed to participate in decision making in mimy sectoria ebonyi state and to see if the absence or presence of workers participation in decision faction.
  3. The research is also carried out to investigate if the availability of incentives such as promotion, training and of the year bonus job security etc. put workers into higher performance thereby bringing about higher productivity.
  4. To offer suggestions on measures that can enhance job satisfaction in organization both private and public satisfaction so as to minimize administrative problem arising from complete lack of or poorly applied incentives to worker.




  1. In your establishment are there specific incentive given to workers?
  2. Does your view that workers should participate in decision making in the organization?
  3. Are you of the view that workers should participate in decision making in the organization?
  4. Does the position occupied in the company earn you job satisfaction?
  5. Has the management ever sponsored you for an in services training?
  6. Do you think that the company has done enough in staff training?
  7. Do you think management here does enough in the area of promotion in mimy sectoria ebonyi state?
  8. Do you like your present job in mimy sectoria ebonyi state?
  9. Do workers need to be promoted in mimy sectoria ebonyi state?


The significance of this study is to enable the management of mimy sectoria ebonyi state to understand how staff feed, about their and the type of policies to adopt in order increase their effort. It will also assist the head of departments to know how to conduct or carried out their jobs and other research policy makers in increasing the job satisfaction of the organization and how to control it. It will also guide administrative policies on how best to formulate administrative policies especially with regard to employee of workers.




The scope of this duty will focus on the effects of job satisfaction on workers performance it was also carried out in mimy sectoria ebonyi state precisely.


While conduction this project the research encountered certain limitation such include those of financial constraints time factor and the reluctance information.


This project work involved the use of words which will appear strange in other field of human Endeavour the words that needs explanations include:

JOB SATISFACTION: this refers to the feeling of has for the job he is currently on.

EMPLOYEE: this could be said to be the reason why people behavior as they do or that which stimulates and influence positive behavior in work situation.

EXTRINSIC REWARD: this refers to the external force or drive which has the power to induce an individual to perform.

INTRINSIC REWARD: it is the internal force or drive which energizes one to perform his duties.

WORKER: in ordinary to do physical or mental work a person employed to do physical order to earning a living.


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